Pictures 1-6 courtesy of Andy Upton, because my camera battery died mysteriously overnight.

The mighty Arkansas River.

The mighty US-50.

Well, let's see... Bill (not riding today), Jay, Julie, Joe, Linda(?), me, Topper, Cindy, Bob, Neil (in the cap), Sandy, Emily (in the straw hat), Bud, and Jason's butt.

Another view of the same sag stop, next to the mighty Arkansas River.

See, Andy's from Derby (pronounced 'Darby'), so he has a thing for anything named Derby. The last one was an airport in Nevada. The hat, by the way, is pronounced 'Bowler', which sidesteps the whole question.

Happy Birthday, Carol.

Kathy, Carol, and Cindy. Kathy and Cindy are twins, and Carol is Cindy's sister-in-law.

John and his mother.

Cars in town for the National Street Rod Association convention at the Colorado State Fairgrounds.

We spent a long time (after the bar closed) talking with the owner of the silver car.

Dan, Andy, and John, enjoying a last beer together, before John takes off to bike back-to-back centuries up to Boulder (and then goes home, the quitter).